European Federation of Cytology Societies (EFCS, is an international organisation founded in 1969 in Ghent (Belgium). EFCS’s activity is based within the International Academy of Cytology (IAC,

The organisation’s objects are the following:
• To offer and promote professional training of both medical and non-medical (scientific and technical) cytologists
• To make recommendations with regard to minimum requirements for the training, qualification and practice of cytology
• To encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience with regard to cytology
• To promote scientific and organisational projects with regard to cytology
• Help in matters of problem solving both on the scientific and organisational level
• To support cytological applications in order to obtain subsidies
• To offer advice to official health institutions about the role of cytology in disease prevention and diagnostics
• To encourage friendly relations between its members and affiliated members.

The federation will organize congresses (ECC, European Congress of Cytology), symposia, workshops or training sessions on a regular basis, which will be announced in writing or by electronic means. The organisation can also perform all activities that may be conducive to the realisation of these objects. In that respect, it can also, but only in an ancillary manner, perform commercial activities, but only ifthe proceeds of these activities are used for the purpose for which the organisation was established.
ECC is organized each year in different European cities. will host 2019 ECC, the previous Congress was held in Malmö in Sweden (, Madrid, Spain ( and Milan, Italy ( Around 700-1000 participants from 50-60 countries come for this event.

Polish Society of Pathologists – the first General Meeting was organized in 1925 but the II World War complicated situation and the official registration took place on July 26, 1958 – after hostilities. Polish Society of Pathologists is very active in the medical environment and on their website, are published their actions and achievements.

President of the Congress:

Prof. Jerzy KlijanienkoInstitut Curie, France

Vice-presidents of the Congress:

Prof. Michał JeleńPresident of the Clinical Cytology Section,
Polish Society of Pathologists,
Wrocław, Poland

Dr. Paweł GajdzisVice-President of the Clinical Cytology Section,
Polish Society of Pathologists,
Wrocław, Poland

Prof. Andrzej MarszałekPresident of Polish Society of Pathologists,
Poznań, Poland

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